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Our mission is to form an international bridge of employment between employer and job-seekers, through a unique approach which integrates candidate training, development and hospitality, while keeping the best interests satisfied.

We develop and reward people

  • To provide our global clients the right human resource for the right Job through a cost minimizing hiring process of skill tests, training, development and selection with time bound commitment.
  • To provide the best value to customers.
  • To provide our workforce with an environment that stimulates diversity innovating, teamwork, continuous learning, improvement and reward individual performance. "We develop and reward people."


  • Conduct business with honesty and ethical values that are evident and transparent.
  • Employees are our main asset. It is our responsibility to provide employees with a life time work platform with reasonable growth. We work together with the spirit that each person is taking care of others with trust and respect.

Top 10 Advantages of HR outsourcing

  • Reducing or eliminating fines and penalties by keeping pace with changing government regulations.

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  • Achieving measurable, bottom-line results by increasing efficiency and leveraging our economics of scale.

  • Lowering infrastructure and facility costs by having the HR function administered off-site.

  • Sharpening your business focus by eliminating interruptions caused by employer obligations, risks and liability.

  • Saving time by eliminating the need to hire multiple companies to address your HR needs.

  • Maintaining total control over your company you don't enter into a co-employer" relationship with strantegic HR. We're not a professional employer organization (PEO) or an employee leasing company.

  • Improving Employee retention and morale by providing time answers to payroll and benefits questions.
  • Expanding scope and level of service. Your HR department can't be subject experts in all areas-our staff of more that 65 HR professionals can.
  • Implementing organizational initiatives that link to your overall business plan HR becomes strategic, not tactical.

  • Receiving discounted rates from strategic HR on other services not included in the HR outsource program.

(a) Training and Development.

We take people with basic academic qualifications, and them with training and the required skills to suit individual employer demands (e.g.: train a candidate who has completed their secondary education, instill them with right welding training and certification to comply with the needs of the industry.)

(b) Recruitment and Selection

1. Our preliminary selection is based on using our database to match a candidate's individual skill set with individual employer specifications.

2. Interview

We interview the selected candidates and short-list them for the finalization process. We do this by carrying out the following series of testes to further match candidates to the employer.

  • Specific skill test
  • Psychometric test (if required by the employer)
  • Medical test (performed by a certify medical authority) to meet international screening requirements.
3. Finalize

In this step, the candidate is selected by the employer. Should the employer ask, our additional input will be included.

(c) Travel and Hospitality Services

1. Orientation involves helping the selected candidates get adapted to the new working environment in areas such as:

  • Culture
  • Climate and Living conditions
  • Transportation
  • Local laws and regulations
  • Food habits
  • Communication
  • Health Services
  • Language training (if necessary)
2. Travel Arrangements, Such as taking care of air tickets and take clearance from local authorities. After reaching destination, the international representative officially hands over selected candidates to the employer.
3. Periodic Checks are performed by the international representative to ensure that the candidate is enjoying comfortable living and working conditions, if necessary, the international representative will act as a liaison between the candidate and their families back home.

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