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About Rabbi International

About Rabbi International

It is pleasant to start introduction of Rabbi Group, consists of several organizations (shown below) extending services mainly to the welfare of the Human Resources of Bangladesh (a south Asian County) near India and on the Bay of Bengal to its Southern Part.

Rabbi Group Consist of :-

  • Rabbi International
  • Rabbi Training & Development
  • Al-Baraka International Ltd.
  • Al-Baraka Training Centre
  • Al-Baraka Translation Centre
  • Rani Food Industries Ltd.
  • Rani Trade International
  • Family Food Industries Ltd.
  • Al-Madina Medical Services
  • Nafa Medical Centre
  • Nafa Trading & Contracting
  • Nafa Travels

Rabbi International being the mother company of this “Rabbi Group” alongwith Al-Baraka International Ltd. performing tremendous work for exporting human resources of various categories and professions viz

  • Doctors, Engineers, Chemist, Bio-Medical Technicians
  • Teachers and Professors
  • Masons (Plaster, Block, Tiles etc.)
  • Carpenter
  • Steel Fixer
  • Shuttering Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Welder
  • Driver (Light and Heavy)
  • Other Equipment Operator
  • Lathe Technician
  • Printing Press Operator
  • Aluminum Fabricator and
  • Many other professionals....

Rabbi International and AL-Baraka International Ltd. has earned a good name home and abroad because of huge number of human resources export abroad from Bangladesh for many years within shorts span of time. It has supporting other organizations in this group to perform related job with in no-time to quicken Manpower Export as per requirement of time frame of the foreign Principal / Companies.

Highlights of Achievements and Manpower Export

  • Starting from 1991, Rabbi International with support from the sister companies have successfully sent over 35,000 workers to foreign countries. In 2007 alone, they have sent about 7,000 workers abroad. So far in 2008, they have sent 3,500 workers, and about 5,000 more are in the process.
  • Rabbi International and Al-Braka International Ltd. have the special license issued by the Bangladesh Government for recruitment and export of female migrant workers. Only the recruitment agencies having excellent track record can obtain this special license as there are special and sensitive issues concerning the safety of female workers aboard. We have deposited Taka 50,000,000 each as security money to the national exchequer for the purpose.
  • RABBI GROUP enjoys excellent reputation with the clients in major recruiting countries including Saudi Arabia where Rabbi International sent the maximum number of Bangladeshi workers during the period of 01 January, 2006 through 30 June, 2007 and continues enjoying the top position.
  • Mohammed Bashir, the founder and managing director of Rabbi International and the leader of the RABBI GROUP was awarded the prestigious Commercially Important Person (CIP) designation in 1997 by the Bangladesh Government in recognition of his valuable contribution towards the recruitment and export of manpower.
  • Mr. Bashir was the sole participants from the recruitment agencies in the special investigation committee formed by the Bangladesh Government to inspect the situation and condition of Bangladeshi female migrant workers in Saudi Arabia.

Scope of Services

Working in harmony, the different business houses under RABBI GROUP act as a composite, or one-stop recruiting house offer various services such as:

  • Interview and Selection
  • Trade Test and Training Facilities
  • Medical Check-Up  Center (being a member of the Health Ministries of the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council) required for Visa
  • Visa and Immigration Services – for providing information and forwarding and processing the legal documentation required for visa and immigration of the migrant workers
  • Travel Services-a fully functional travel agent that handles the booking and purchase of airline tickets and other travel arrangements for the recruits and
  • Orientation and Counseling—provides orientation about the employment, regulations of the contract, legal obligations, and the general customs and traditions of the destination country.

The holistic approach in the recruitment and export of manpower adopted by the members of the RABBI GROUP has gained them reputation and a sound track record to both the recruits from Bangladesh and employers of different countries.

We are pleased to introduce this organisation as one of the quality Manpower Recruiting House of Bangladesh govt. has awarded Commercially Important Person (CIP) through Govt. gazette notification because of fare deal with the principals abroad and exporting sizeable number of Manpower abroad of various kind. We have set-up a composite Manpower Recruiting House because from Interview to Dispatch of the Recruits we don’t need to knock the door of any quarter as we have GCC approved Medical Centre for their medical fitness test and Travel Agency with computerized International Network for the air reservation & ticketing of the recruits. Finally recruits are given briefing of the customs, culture and other essential subject of their Employment country at the time of their departure.

Please click here for our valid Recruitment Licence copy of Rabbi International obtained by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Business address is given below :

Rabbi International
Recruiting Licence No. RL - 258
House - 30, Road - 04, Block - C
Dhaka - 1213, Bangladesh.

We are able to provide you with various categories of Manpower such as skilled, semiskilled, unskilled & highly skilled work force from Bangladesh.