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President Message

President Message

We have the please to say a few words about our Rabbi Group and it's allied organizations. All our companies are government registered and fully comply international code of conduct. The group is destined to establish Bangladesh as a reliable source of qualified and experienced human resources. It procures demand from different countries on various categories of workers and supply them to their foreign principal with great care and sincerity.

Rabbi Group in association with its sister concerns has gained wide range of experiences in the field of Manpower Recruiting and Export. The Group is recognized as the leading Organization of Manpower Recruiting and Export. President of the group has achieved many times as commercially Important Person from the Government of Bangladesh. All these were possible due to collective efforts of its staff with their dedicated services and efficient management that helped ultimately Bangladesh has earn foreign currency and strengthen it's Economic situation.

We have the confidence that the Group and it's associates will always endeavor to achieve greater success in the days to come in growth of the county and overall well being of the People Republic of Bangladesh.

Mohammed Bashir