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A. Passport

There is no question about having a passport may need or not to travel overseas countries. Yes, passport is mandatory to travel abroad whatever your purpose is. Recruiting agent may also assist the selected workers who do not have passport to get one as quickly as possible. There is provision for issuing passport on urgent basis. Every applicant must face verification by the Police department of Bangladesh before issuing international passport for national security purpose.

B. Visa and Manpower Clearance

Recruiting agent may need attestation of passports for selected workers. After getting visa, manpower clearance the selected workers are all set to issue travel tickets.

C. Flight Schedule

Upon getting immigration clearance recruiting agents send flight schedule to the employer mentioning all details of departure and arrival date and time of the workers along with their name and passports numbers. Therefore employer could manage necessary pre-arrangements to receive workers at airport and settle them with company’s accommodation facility.

D. Ticketing and Immigration

If employers do not provide joining air ticket, workers will pay for joining air ticket. Recruiting agent will issue ticket on behalf of the selected workers and will obtain Immigration clearance from the concerned Govt. Departments of Bangladesh & arrange Air Ticket for the selected workers.

E. Briefing before Departure

Recruiting agent must fulfill the responsibility of providing basic orientation for traveling to foreign countries. The workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities and given first-hand information on work environment, rules, regulations and social & cultural tradition of that country. They are specially cautioned to maintain discipline and to follow strictly the rules and regulation of the company.

Also recruiting agent need to deliver the information & contact details about who will receive them sent by the employer/company at the airport on arrival. And also if workers found none to receive them or any last minute surprise arises then how could they ask for any help.

F. Receiving Confirmation

After receiving of all of the workers according to the confirmed flight schedule was sent, the company representative will send confirmation to the recruiting agent of Bangladesh. Sometime workers take group pictures with the employer’s staffs at the airport after receiving.